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GTA3 walkthrough

GTA3 walkthrough

GTA3 walkthroughGrand Theft Auto 3 guide

GTA3, or Grand Theft Auto 3 to give it its full name, is one of the all-time great console and now mobile games.  With its scale of missions with a considerable range of difficultly, even the best GTA3 players get stuck from time to time.

That’s where we’re here to help.

It’s been a lot of fun completing the game and then complete it again and document the most efficient and most entertaining ways to complete every level.

Just bookmark this page and if ever you get stuck or want to find another way of completing the mission, come back here and we hope we can help.


Give me Liberty


Luigi’s Girls
– Don’t Spank ma Bitch up
– Drive Misty for me
– Pump-action Pimp
– The Fuzz Ball

Joey Leone

– Mike Lips Last Lunch
– Farewell ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong
– Van Heist
– Cipriani’s Chauffeur
– Dead Skunk in the Trunk
– The Getaway

Tony Cipriani

– Taking out the Laundry
– The Pick Up
– Salvatore’s Called a Meeting
– Triads and Tribulations
– Blow Fish

Salvatore Leone

– Chaperone
– Cutting the Grass
– Bomb Da Base
– Last Requests

El Burro

– Turismo
– I Scream, you Scream
– Trial by Fire
– Big’N’Veiny



Sayonara Salvatore
– Under Surveillance
– Paparazzi Purge
– Payday for Ray
– Two-Faced Tanner
– Bait
– S.A.M


– Kanbu Bust-Out
– Grand Theft Auto
– Deal Steal
– Shima
– Smack Down

King Courtney

– Uzi Rider
– Gangcar Round-up
– Kingdom Come

Ray Machowski

Silence the Sneak
Arms Shortage
– Evidence Dash
– Gone fishing
– Plaster Blaster

Donald Love

– Liberator
– Waka-Gashira Wipeout
– A Drop in the Ocean
– Marked Man
– Grand Theft Aero
– Escort Service
– Decoy
– Love’s Disappearance


The Exchange


Location of Hidden Packages, Portland Island
Location of hidden packages, Staunton Island
Location of hidden packages, Shoreside Vale


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– Where to find the rocket launcher
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– How to get six stars on GTA3
– Where to find a tank in GTA3
– How to get a tank in GTA3

66 thoughts on “GTA3 walkthrough

  1. I’m stricken in mission”gang car round up”.I’m unable to diablo stallion car..plzz help me whre I could get tat car.perfect location sir

  2. Marked man as indicated here is not a Donald Love’s mission but is in fact Ray’s final mission which on completion you’ll get some serious weaponry and the best part is he’ll leave you a bulletproof patriot 😀

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