Paparazzi Purge GTA3
Where to find the M16. Useful to know whether you need it for this mission or not

Paparazzi Purge can be one of the more frustrating missions in the game, but as ever there are a few tips to help you complete it.

In this mission Asuka asks you to take our a photographer who has been snooping on her interests. He is on a boat to the east of her house and will take off as soon as you engage him leading to a tricky chase which you can avoid with a little forward planning.

On the water

Get into the boat on the marina to the east of Asuka’s house and make sure you jump into a police boat. Better still head one pontoon south and you’ll find a faster police boat which will also give you more of the element of surprise and a chance to get close to him early on.

You’ll then need to get close enough to his boat to do damage and then fire at it until it catches fire. You may have to play this a few times to get used to the route the photographer takes, so you can line him up to do maximum damage as he turns into your path.

Beware as he will throw grenades at you. As often as not, you will not do enough damage before he lands and runs off at which point you’ll need to exit your boat as fast as you can and take him out, so make sure you’ve pre-selected an appropriate weapon before you get into your boat – the Uzi is a good mix of firepower and mobility.

With a little research you can improve your chances by watching where he exits the boat and then going back and restarting the mission and blocking his exit with a vehicle, although we found the vehicle sometimes disappears.

On land

If you’re lucky enough to have a rocket launcher, then you can climb onto the wall and fire at the boat. However, it will take two shots to destroy his boat and he will set off after the first shot, so you’ll need to be accurate to take him out. Fail to do so and he’ll have escaped.

Alternatively you can try with a M-16 by going down onto the marina to get closer but again you’ll need two successful hits.

You can get hold of the M-16 either by shooting the mafia in the previous Sayonara Salvatore mission or by visiting the Projects area (as per our close-up of the map).

On the left of the main street entrance is a staircase with an underground car park on your left. Go up the stairs, go left and jump up onto the ledge. Then you’ll need to time your jump perfectly to jump over the alleyway. Here you’ll find armour on the right and a M-16 on the left.

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