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About Follow That App

The Smartphone is no longer the preserve of the early adopter. They are fast on their way to becoming the default phone and as such the world of apps is being opened up to the mass market.

But with hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from on a tiny screen, it’s often a confusing experience. Where do I start and which apps should I get? As someone who works in mobile, the site originated from the growing number of requests received to answer just those questions.

The site brings you reviews and recommendations on the best apps to buy, the best offers right now, plus, coming soon, interviews with the developers who made them.

And no, none of the reviews involve apps any of us have worked on.

If you’d like to submit your app for review or be interviewed for the site, please email contact @ There are no guarantees it will be featured or that it will get a glowing review, but we do check every submission.

Thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “About Follow That App

  1. For your workaround on “calm before the storm” on Gta liberty city stories, do you have to start all over playing the whole game up to that mission in airplane mode for it to work? I tried switching to airplane mode for just that mission and the game still crashes.


    1. Hi. No, just airplane mode. I restarted the app and phone as well. Hope that works for you as it’s a very annoying bug!

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