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Gaming walkthroughs, glitches, stats and reviews

About Follow That

Follow That is a mobile and gaming review website and associated YouTube channel.

It started out as a technology trends website, but it has grown as the world of technology has evolved alongside it, moving from app reviews, to tips and tricks, to video with a particular focus on gaming walkthroughs and glitches across mobile and now even PC (it used to be called Follow That App, so the ‘App’ was dropped from the name).

It has spawned a successful YouTube channel where we have a lot of fun messing around with games, glitches and reviews.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email contact @

Thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “About Follow That

  1. For your workaround on “calm before the storm” on Gta liberty city stories, do you have to start all over playing the whole game up to that mission in airplane mode for it to work? I tried switching to airplane mode for just that mission and the game still crashes.


    1. Hi. No, just airplane mode. I restarted the app and phone as well. Hope that works for you as it’s a very annoying bug!

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