GTA Vice City AndroidFollow That App now has a full walkthrough for the latest in our GTA app guides – GTA Vice City the 10th anniversary edition.

Across nearly 100 articles it covers all the main missions, side missions and also includes some of our top tips, such as how to get six stars and where to find a tank.

It covers the games from a mobile perspective where unlike the console versions, you can’t rely on the cheats and have to figure out your own way to solving the mission and could use a little help from us from time to time.

You can find the mission guide you need through the main navigation or by doing a search top right and of course if you need any further help with some of the more obscure parts of the game let us know by getting in touch through About Follow This App – to be honest we’d welcome the excuse to dip back into the game rather than getting on with some proper work writing the next set of guides!