Getting a tank GTA Vice City
You’re in!

Six stars is the highest wanted level in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. This brings disadvantages and advantages…

First the disadvantages – you’ll now have soliders, army trucks and tanks, not to mention hordes of police, out to get you and the chances are you won’t survive long.

But there are serious advantages as well. You’ll now have a chance of bagging yourself a tank and you’ll be able to test your driving and combat skills against the toughest opponents in the game.

So how do you get six stars, particularly if you’re on a mobile device and can’t use cheats?

The pre-requisite is to unlock the third island. Without this you can only get a maximum of four stars on island one and five on island two.

Next up, the acquisition of stars is simply down to the mayhem you create. The more carnage, the higher stars. An M4 or a rocket launcher are among the quickest ways to build up your stars along with the army helicopter and tank as your vehicles of choice.

To survive long enough to rack up six stars you’ll also need to find a secure spot. Ideally with overhead cover to avoid fire from the police helicopter and with a barrier in front of you to prevent the police firing at you.

We’ve found the perfect spot to be the stadium in north-west tip of the western island. Click here to read our tips on where to position yourself and also how to get hold of a tank once you’ve reached six stars.