How to get the army helicopter
Your prize awaits, an army helicopter…

Fort Baxter Air Base is located to the north of the airport on the western island. This contains a major prize, the all-powerful army helicopter.

However, getting in is easier said than done, unless you know the best way of getting in unnoticed. Unfortunately, for it to be there you’ll either need to have completed the main missions in the game or have collected an ambitious full 100 hidden packages.

If you approach too close even without a wanted star, then be prepared for a fight. You’ll need top notch combat skills to get into the base or even reach the entrance as you’ll be peppered with M4 bullets from a large number of soldiers.

There is, as always in Grand Theft Auto, an easier alternative. The trick is to go in police uniform. Helpfully this uniform is freely available within the police station on the eastern island. If you’re not sure where that is, you can just get busted on that island and you’ll be delivered onto their doorstep for the cost of $100 and a little lost pride.

Once there enter the police station using the steps and turn left. You’ll immediately get two wanted stars and will be met by an office shooting at you. Either deal with him or simply run past and into the uniform symbol and your stars will disappear.

What’s more, you can now enter the army base and the soldiers will ignore you, even if you have acquired wanted stars along the way.

If you want to explore the army base further, then use the steps on the left of the entrance to get over the fence in front of you. Once you’re in, you can work your way across the base, enjoying a turn on the assault course and getting hold of the main prize, the army helicopter complete with rockets and guns – the kind of serious hardware that’s going to make you a force to be reckoned with.

What’s more you now have a safe and quick way to pick up six stars to then give you a shot at getting hold of an army tank to go with your army helicopter…

And if you find the helicopter is going around in circles, then it may be down to a bug rather than your poor flying skills. Find out how to fix this bug by reading our article here.