How to get a tank GTA Vice City
A great spot to get yourself a tank

The tank along with the army helicopter are the ultimate vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. They are strong, have serious hardware and are very difficult to extract you from when moving.

They also make many missions considerably easier, so it’s worth knowing how to get hold of one, particularly as on mobile devices you can’t use a cheat to make one spawn.

First up, you’ll need to have unlocked the third island or you won’t be able to reach the six wanted stars required for tanks to start appearing. For the first island the maximum number of wanted stars is four, five for the second and six for the third.

There are several approaches to getting a tank, some much easier than others.

Sir, Yes, Sir mission – easy

This is probably the easiest way to get hold of a tank, but obviously you need to be at a specific point in the game. When you get into the tank at this part of the mission, rather than taking it to the garage indicated on the map, drive it to a garage at your own safehouse. The tank will still explode, but when you re-enter the garage, there it is, good as new. Repeat this part of the mission multiple times for multiple tanks.

All-out-attack – hard

Stock up on your body armour and weaponry and simply unleash havoc on your surroundings. If you survive long enough, you’ll reach six stars and tanks along with army trucks will start appearing. Shoot at one to get the soldiers to exit, shoot them and then jump in. A lot easier said, than done.

Hospital steps – medium-hard

Stand on the hospital steps on the western island. To your right will be a health restorer which will re-spawn multiple times. Make sure you have your body armour in place. Start firing and you’ll soon rack up the stars. The disadvantage with this position is that you’re wide open to police and helicopter fire. However, with the health icon to your right you should be able to survive long enough to reach six stars.

Stadium steps – medium-easy

This is our recommended way to get a tank.

  1. First up, stock up on grenades and body armour.
  2. Then head over to the stadium in the north west of the western island
  3. Walk up the steps to the top and start racking up some stars
  4. When you get to three or more stars walk east to the barrier at the bottom of the steps as seen in the picture above. You’ll notice the cops will be below you and firing, but unable to hit you.
  5. Retreat a few steps and lob a few grenades over to pick up some more stars, making sure you retreat back to avoid getting caught in the blasts
  6. When the helicopter appears just retreat back up the steps under cover and it will disappear
  7. Go back to the barrier and keep up with the grenades. Soon enough you’ll have six stars and army trucks and tanks out to get you
  8. Lob grenades or use the rocket launcher to deal with any army trucks nearby, so only the tanks are around
  9. Run down the steps to your right and fire a couple of shots at the tank with the M4 or equivalent powerful weapon
  10. The soldiers inside the tank will get out. Deal with them as best you can and then jump into the now vacant tank. Make sure you start moving as soon as possible to avoid getting busted
  11. Drive yourself to the nearest safehouse garage. Twist the gun turret around to face the rear and fire to pick up speed
  12. Save the game. You now have a tank in your garage. Head out to lose those stars. When you have through getting busted, wasted or through the Pay’N’Spray, head back and have some fun with your new tank.
Getting a tank GTA Vice City
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