In Friendly Rivalry, it’s back to Kaufman Cabs and the threat from the competition, VC Cabs, who are close to putting you out of business.

On the map are the locations of three of the VC Cabs. There’s no time pressure on this mission, so you can always repair your cab at the Pay’N’Spray if need be or indeed jump out and hit the cab with a rocket launcher. If you really feel like cheating you can take them on with a tank – read how to get one here.

The usual way to complete the mission is with a drive-by – conveniently, the other cab will try and ram you when you approach making them easy to pin against a wall and drive-by. You will need to be careful when they burst into flames as they will keep chasing you and you risk getting caught in the blast, so as soon as you see the flames, drive off.

Destroy all three cabs and it’s $3,000 in the bank and onto the next mission.