Hidden packages map GTA Vice CityIf you can find all 100 of the hidden packages yourself without any help, then we take our hat off to you as it takes hours and hours of searching and lateral thinking.

For most people, they need a little help finding the hidden packages and that’s where we come in.

We’ve created a map covering each of the islands in Grand Theft Auto Vice City along with the text to tell you where to find them and what kind of transportation you need to do so.

Some are relatively straightforward to find either near the roadside or in clear sight, whereas others require delicate climbing, accurate jumps or a helicopter to reach them.

Use the links below to locate the island and set of hidden packages you need and start building up your free armoury as you collect each set of them as below: 

10 hidden packages = body armour at your various hideouts
20 = chainsaw
30 = colt python
40 = flame-thrower
50 = laser sniper rifle
60 = gattling gun
70 = rocket launcher
80 = sea sparrow helicopter
90 = rhino tank appears at the military base
100 = army helicopter appears at the military base (also appears when you complete the main set of missions)

And if you have any trouble finding them, please let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

For the full map of all the hidden packages, just click on the main image in this article.

  1. It’s on the outside of North Point Mall on the grass.
  2. Go inside the multi-story car park and it’s on the ground level in the south west corner.
  3. Up inside the mall on the first level in front of the shop with ‘Sale’ signs all over it.
  4. Around the back of the building on the side that borders the beach
  5. Up on the first level inside the ‘Gash’ store inside the North Point Mall. You may have to jump over the tables to reach it.
  6. Behind the lurid green ‘Jocksports’ advertising hoarding on the east side of the beach
  7. Under the bridge on the south side next to the trees
  8. Inside the wall of the hairpin bend next to the water
  9. Go all the way to the top of the diving boards and it’s there. Why not dive in while you’re up there…
  10. On the lower level of the driving range on the golf course
  11. Just inside the eastern of the two fenced gardens. Enter via the north of the complex.
  12. It’s back to the golf course. This package is found in one of the bunkers to the north west of the winding road on the north west of the course’s main island
  13. Under the bridge of the road that takes you to the golf course
  14. On the golf course, there is a small lake with a small island in the middle. You can walk to the island to pick up the hidden package
  15. In the middle of the bridge taking you to the smallest island on the golf course
  16. Tucked behind Mercedes apartment next to the back door at the north. This is found just south of the Links View apartments available to purchase
  17. Go up the steps on the western side of the building as high as you can go. Walk over to the flat roof area. To the right is another flat roof a level below. Jump down and it’s on that roof on the southern side.
  18. Inside a shop on the north eastern corner of this block. While you’re there why not rob the shop and pick up three stars along with the cash!
  19. Inside the pizza restaurant on the corner of the street
  20. Just to the east of the pizza restaurant, there is an apartment block with some stairs you can go up. Below the flight of stairs is the hidden package.
  21. A very tricky one to reach, this requires a helicopter (found on roof of your safehouse on the western island among other places). This is the pool that features in Martha’s Mug Shot. You need to land on the roof and then you’ll see the hidden package. The building is in between the pizza restaurant and the Malibu Club.
  22. A much easier one to find than 21. It’s just in the car park of the Malibu Club on the ground and easy to spot
  23. Just up the road from the Malibu Club on the other side of the road is the WK Chariot Hotel and round the back on the side facing the beach is their pool where you’ll find the hidden package up against the wall.
  24. To the north of the construction site are some apartment blocks. Next to the water is a wooden jetty on which you’ll find another hidden package along with a rubber dinghy.
  25. This one is found on the construction site where you start Avery Carrington’s missions. Walk up through the various metal walkways to just below the top where there’s a metal beam pointing west. On the end is the hidden package.
  26. Head into the Spand Express building and behind the building down an alleyway is the package.
  27. Another tough one for which you’ll need the helicopter. It’s on the roof garden on the blue building to the south east of the Malibu Club across the road. You’ll need to land in the swimming pool rather than the flat roof area on the south of the building. If your helicopter catches fire bail out in the air and make a break for it!
  28. Much simpler this time. Found under the bridge to Starfish Island.
  29. This is found on the ground floor of a rather tasteless neon hotel
  30. These are found in the shower block of the neon hotel in 29.
  31. There under the eastern side of the stone bridge you may have done some jumps on earlier in the game on.
  32. In the police station – it’s best to pick this one up in the Copland mission, although you can try and take on the cops with a M4 or Kruger and work your way up. Enter the police station, end of the corridor turn right and it’s in one of the rooms.
  33. Another one you need a helicopter for. On the roof of the blue and white tall building to the south of the police station.
  34. Up the steps on a lifeguard shack – there are several in the area, so it’s a case of finding the right one as indicated on the map
  35. Around the back of the west side of the safehouse opposite the Ken Rosenberg missions on the ground level inside the fenced area
  36. Head around the back of the building with trees outside – accessed via the south. On the way you’ll find Uzi ammo and next to the pool will be the hidden package along with some handy body armour.
  37. Found on the roof of the dbp Security building. You could use a helicopter, but it’s more fun to use a bike and jump up the metal steps in the alleywall to the north
  38. Under the most southerly bridge. Walk around the ledge and it’s in the centre.
  39. Follow the coastline and you’ll find it between a tall building and the water’s edge.
  40. A tricky one to get up on an inaccessible roof. You can either use the helicopter or if you can get the jump right you can make it with a jump from the multi-storey car park top level to the north west. You’ll be able to see it from the top of the multi-storey to be able to size up the jump
  41. Opposite the jetties where you pick up mission from Colonel Cortez is an underground car park. Inside in the corner is a hidden package.
  42. In the building to the west of the helipad on the side facing the water is a hidden package on the ground level
  43. Go up the lighthouse steps and it’s next to the entrance
  44. On the wooden platform just to the west of the two islands. There’s a rampage there as well to keep you entertained after your voyage
  45. On some rocks to the east of the two islands
  46. The ‘Rockstar’ house! This big house has an r-shaped pool – find some steps leading up to the first floor and you’ll find the hidden package. What’s more there’s a free weapon in the pool
  47. In the jacuzzi of this big house to the east of the house itself
  48. The house with the split drive and an open garage to the side with a Comet in it. The hidden package is by the front door.
  49. Found on the eastern side of the soon to be Vercetti mansion down by the water’s edge next to the steps
  50. On the eastern side of the soon to be Vercetti mansion. Keep following round to the right when facing the front of the house and you’ll find an alleway to the west of the maze at the end of which is the hidden package
  51. On the western side of prawn island is a grim green building. Follow the ground floor balcony round and there’s the package on the western side facing the water.
  52. Inside the equally grim looking yellow building. Head inside and climb up the steps, but don’t go up onto the roof. There’s a section where the floor is broken – on the right as you climb up the steps. Beneath you with a tricky jump is a hidden level where the package is located. Stand on the edge of the broken floor and swipe down and round the spot it.
  53. You’ll need to have opened the movie studios for this one or be able to helicopter in. Turn right at the main gates where the guard is. There are two hangars and within the right hand one on the left is the package
  54. East of the movie studios down an alleyway
  55. You’ll need a helicopter for this one, as it’s on top of the roof of the blue building within the movie studio in between the v-shaped structure on the roof
  56. By one of the big parking signs on the wall as indicated on the map
  57. Facing the Mars cafe go to the right of the cafe and keep going round the building towards the safehouse and left until you find the package which is on the other side of a wall you can’t get over from the road.
  58. Underneath the statue with three crooked pillars holding up a ball on the ground level of a building to the south of the road. Even better there’s a great rampage a little further back into the building’s courtyard
  59. Nice easy one to find to the left of the hospital round the corner to the left of the ramp
  60. Once more you’ll may need a helicopter for this one, however, depending how far you are in the game you can enter via a door on the ground level on the right of the entrance. The package itself is on the roof of the VCN building which has a helipad on top making it relatively easy to spot from the air. You have to drop down to the roof just below the helipad to find it.
  61. By the water’s edge behind the buildings to the north of the bridge
  62. On the left hand side of the road as you head north are some steps leading up to an office building. Go around two corners and in through the door. On that level on the right is the hidden package behind some desks.
  63. You may have to work your way around to it through the maze of buildings to the north, but to the north west of Phil’s place right on the water’s edge is this hidden package
  64. Next to the jump ramp next to the car park. Access the car park from the east.
  65. Inside a rusty warehouse in Phil’s place on the right of the entrance as you go in
  66. Down an alleyway just north of Kauffman cabs and turn right. You’ll find some steps doing down and there it is.
  67. Another one requiring a helicopter, although annoyingly there’s one up on the roof when you get there. The building is just east of Kauffman cabs and only one storey high. Spot the helicopter and you’ve found it.
  68. Right next to the Kauffman buidling on the eastern side of it up some steps outside a grey building.
  69. Down an alleyway that takes you behind the Funeraria Romero on the east side of the road next to a tree
  70. Up on the roof of the building to the north of the printworks and in between two power generators. There are some steps on the north side of the building tucked away down an alleyway.
  71. Inside the laundromat – why not pick up a change of clothes while you’re there and lose a couple of stars into the bargain
  72. On the north side of the square of houses in Little Havana – walk up the house on the south side of the street with a set of stairs that join up and it’s at the top of the stairs
  73. Inside the garden under the Little Haiti Life’s a Beach sign to the east of the Print Works
  74. Behind the Vice City Air Reserve at the entrance to the Army Base. Approach carefully or the soldiers will start shooting at you. Best to park on other side of the road, sprint over and grab it.
  75. Found inside the airport under the wing of the most westerly of the two airplanes
  76. Behind the advertising hoardings to the east of the airport
  77. In the courtyard on the other side of the road to Umberto’s cafe where you pick up the Cuban mission – there’s an entrance if you follow the wall round
  78. There’s a large Kauffman Cabs poster above the road. You can access it via some steps around the back of the building. Work your way up to the roof where you’ll find a sniper rifle and then work your way along the poster until you reach the hidden package making sure you jump when getting onto the walkway in front of the poster or you may drop down
  79. Inside the pizza restaurant that is found alongside the main north-south road on the island and with a big ‘Exploder’ sign on top. The package itself is found behind the counter
  80. Up on the roof of the building on the corner of the road. There are some steps at the back of the building that are easy to find and there’s a rampage on top
  81. Inside Sunshine Autos, just follow the ramp up when inside
  82. In between two large fuel containers opposite Sunshine Autos and behind a large pipe
  83. In the car park in between two lorry trailers
  84. Inside the passenger entrance to the airport. Tucked up on the far right-hand side as you enter against the windows underneath the stairs. There’s a rampage nearby to keep you entertained
  85. On top of the airport building. Another one you’ll need a helicopter to reach
  86. Go inside the passenger entrance to the airport. Go up the stairs and in the centre of the first floor is a corridor marked gates 1-8. The hidden package is at the end on the right near the scanner
  87. On the water’s edge at the back of the building north with the aerial of the set of aircraft hangars
  88. Look for the plane sticking out of one of the hangars and the hidden package is just on its north side under the left wing
  89. Under the south western plane
  90. A tricky one to get – on top of the plane in 89. and requires some delicate piloting skills to reach with a helicopter
  91. Towards the end of the eastern of the two boarding walkways joins up to the terminal is another hidden package on the roof. Again you’ll need a helicopter to reach it.
  92. On top of the southerly of the two hangars. You can use a helicopter to reach it, but it’s more fun to jump up there using the orange and white ramps
  93. On top of the helipad. There are steps up to it, but unfortunately usually no helicopter on top
  94. On top of the building in the south eastern corner of the airport. You can use a helicopter to get up there but with a fast car you can use the ramp to the north of the buidling
  95. Go inside the warehouse with a bus parked outside to the north. Go in through the entrance next to the bus but on the other side of the fence, turn left and it’s inside a long room on your right
  96. In the north western corner of the courtyard inside the blue building where Cabmaggedon took place. Enter via the east.
  97. Off the main north-south highway are several blocks of white apartment buildings. Inside the second block north is the hidden package tucked around the corner on the left hand side
  98. Next to a yellow container on the eastern side of the big container ship
  99. Next to the Vice City Port Authority sign on the corner of the road
  100. There it is no. 100! It’s on the deck of the western of the two container ships on the far south of the island. And yes, being the last one you need a helicopter to get it, but if you’ve got this far, that should be no problem.

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