Cabmageddon - GTA Vice CityCabmageddon is the final and most entertaining of the Kauffman Cab missions. It’s time for the big showdown with VC Cabs.

Mercedes has asked for you to pick her up in a cab in the docklands area. When you get there, the evil little minx has double-crossed you and led you into a trap. You have to be in a Kauffman cab so can’t cheat by jumping into a tank.

Try and get there with as little damage to the cab as possible as you’ll need it in good shape. There’s always the Pay’N’Spray nearby if you need to repair the cab.

When you reach the destination there’s no sign of Mercedes. Instead you’re locked in with six rival cabs and have to survive intact for a minute.

There are a couple of approaches to take.

You can pick up speed and do wide circles within the area and you should be able to escape the other cars or you can head to the south – point your car south before you sound your horn – and jump out and along the walkway next to the container ship where the cabs can’t reach you. If you chose to jump out, you’ll have to be quick as the six cabs will try and run you over.

Then the lead zebra-striped cab appears for the final showdown. You can engage it and take it out with a drive-by if you’re still inside the compound.

Or run around the back and approach the entrance to the compound from the east. The cab will try and ram you but of course the gate is in the way, so all you need to do is lob a couple of grenades over the gate to finish the mission and complete the Kaufman Cab asset.