Checkpoint Races - GTA Vice CityCheckpoint Races is the first car showroom mission at Sunshine Autos. Head down the ramp and walk into the purple indicator.

As the name suggests, it’s a checkpoint race against three other cars. Entry costs $100 and you’ll need to find a fast car. If you need one there are plenty on Starfish Island where the Vercetti mansion is located.

While you’re at Sunshine Autos there’s a hidden package upstairs as well as a Pay’N’Spray and multiple garages to store your cars in, so it’s worth having an explore.

The racetrack itself is located outside the entrance to Escobar International Airport. Drive into the purple indicator to start the race.

If you want to cheat then just take a rocket launcher and explode the middle car and you can race unopposed, although it’s a little boring. There’s a rumour that each time you complete the race in a faster time you get an incremental amount of money, but it’s not true.

The other cars may be quick, but they are also erratic and are liable to crash. On our first attempt, two other cars crashed out in the first corner!

As with all checkpoint missions, the key is using the map to check the route ahead as a wrong turn will risk putting you out of the race. Tap on it and you’ll see two checkpoints ahead.

The challenge is that the other drivers will try to knock you off course. However, you should be able to get ahead within a couple of checkpoints by staying out of trouble and then it’s down to lining up the corners carefully using the handbrake for fast turns and slowing down for sharp turns being careful not to fall off the track on the bridge sections.

Win the race and you’ll have passed the mission. Second and below is nowhere…