Army of Darkness Endless strategyEndless mode is the final never ending wave once you’ve completed all 50 levels of the addictive Army of Darkness Defence.

We’ve already covered one strategy for making endless effectively endless, if you have the patience to keep going that is.

Here we cover a second strategy which is equally effective – as you’ll see in the picture we reached over 125m despite getting bored and leaving the game over lunchtime until it finally finished with over 200m scored!

  1. First of all, buy the pit and upgrade your Smithy, wall archers and catapults as much as possible
  2. We selected the Wiseman, Arthur, Horseman, Armoured Guard and Spearman.
  3. For weapons we used the all powerful Deathcoaster and Magic Words
  4. Next dispatch Ash to take out as many Deadites as possible using the pit until you’ve maxed out your Smithy
  5. Once you’ve reached nearly 100 iron, then start a wave with an Armoured Guard, Spearman, Arthur and the Wiseman.
  6. Let this wave engage with the Deadites and then start launching Horsemen as these do the most damage and unlike Arthur can be summoned multiple times, also summoning the occasional Armoured Guard and Spearman to provide some cannon fodder.
  7. Use the Magic Words to summon additional troops
  8. When you reach the gate, Evil Ash will appear. Then it’s time to launch the Deathcoaster and hope that you have summoned enough Horsemen to hold him up
  9. You should defeat the first Evil Ash relatively easily, but you’ll need as many Horsemen in your line as possible to hold him and the Deadites off in the long term
  10. Once you have a decent number of Horsemen, keep sending waves of Spearmen, Armoured Guards and Horsemen to secure the line
  11. If Ash’s health flashes red, move him back from the front line and then move him back in to keep collecting the iron and coins
  12. Keep sending wave after wave of your troops and you’ll rack up enough that you Ash and Arthur can hold the front line without dying
  13. Keep going until you get bored
  14. And going
  15. And going…

Want to try another way? Then read our alternative strategy here.

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