Army of Darkness tips
How to make endless mode, well, endless

Now you’ve mastered level 50 in Army of Darkness Defence, we can move on to how to tame Endless mode.

By adopting the successful strategy from level 50 we’ve found a way to prolong the endless mode for just as long as your concentration and patience lasts.

Again, if you don’t want to know the answer look away now.

    1. Read our tips on getting through level 50 by clicking here and repeat those actions
    2. After several minutes you’ll have pinned the Deadite army back at the gate on the far right
    3. Once your Wiseman is in place to heal your wounds, simply go back and forwards collecting the iron, as you launch wave upon wave of Armoured Guard, Swordsman and Spearman, reincarnating Henry whenever he is defeated
    4. Keep going. And going.
    5. Get bored.
    6. Reset the whole game.

Still not working for you? Then try our alternative strategy for Endless mode here.

If you have an alternative solution, let us know in the comments.

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