Horseshoe location map - GTA San Andreas
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Unlike other GTA games where you’ll find hidden packages which spawn weapons in your safehouses the more you collect, GTA San Andreas has two different types of objects to find – Oysters and Horseshoes.

Oysters increase Carl’s sex appeal whereas Horseshoes not only increase his sex appeal, but also will spawn four powerful weapons at the Four Dragon’s Casino, including the SMG, M4, satchel bombs and the Combat Shotgun, all well worth having.

There are two main obstacles to collecting all the horseshoes, even if you know where they are thanks to our handy map. First, they are only found on the third island, Las Venturas and secondly many of them are in such inaccessible positions that you’ll need to have completed the Verdant Meadows mission to get hold of the jetpack. You can reach them with some helicopter and parachute skills, but it’s much harder.

So, where are all the horseshoes located? Click on the map on this article and read the descriptions below. It’s worth doing them in order as it’s easy to forget which ones you’ve collected…

  1. Down an alleyway and in the corner against a brick wall, just north of the helipad
  2. On the north side of the south eastern of the group of eight tennis courts
  3. On the north side of the swimming pool in the middle of the set of apartments just to the west of the tennis courts for no.2
  4. A tricky one to reach without the jetpack. It’s on the roof of the golf clubhouse, just on the north western window ledge
  5. By the front door of the right hand (as you look at the front doors) of the two houses by the railway line
  6. A nice easy one to find. At the bottom of the ‘Welcome to Las Venturas’ sign
  7. Next to a wall on the western the side of the southern of the two warehouses, the one with the bright red roof. The building is just to the north of the safehouse.
  8. On top of a low blue wall next to the restaurant sign on the north side of the car park
  9. Look for the stacks of containers. On the western side one level up and near the big tree, you’ll find the horseshoe
  10. On the western side of the red steakhouse roof just next to the yellow casino sign
  11. On the roof of the most southerly of the collection of 3 buildings. The Ivory Towers Drive-Thru Mental Clinic is just to the south
  12. On the top of the north west of the very tall building
  13. Look for the ‘Strain Hard’ sign. You’ll find it inside a walled area next to the base of the side
  14. On the roof of the building to the east of the gym and near the ‘Strain Hard’ sign
  15. On the eastern side of the multi-storey car park on the ground inside a walled area next to some pylons
  16. Not the easiest one to find. It’s on the top floor of a motel next to the tattoo parlour on the west side under the overhanging roof. You should see the big neon pink cowboy sign to the east. Opposite are Zip and a pizza restaurant
  17. There’s a row of white garages just to the south of the highway. The horseshoe is on the eastern side of them against the wall
  18. Look for the garage (gas station) with the X sign. To its west is a red sign for Cox O Pops and the horseshoe is at its base
  19. In the guitar-shaped swimming pool of the hotel
  20. On the ground in the corner on the eastern side of the shopping mall next to a low wall
  21. Inside the railway tunnel as indicated by the light grey line – look for the red line to see where the tunnel starts
  22. Next to the crossroads, there’s the Erotic Wedding Chapel. The horseshoe is up on the roof of the chapel.
  23. From street level look up to the north and the Casino sign. The horseshoe is by the letters a few metres above the street
  24. By the palm tree a short jump off the ground on the eastern side of the building that looks like a table
  25. On the north west of the airport on the ground. To the west of the north end of the runway
  26. On ground level just to the east of the runway, level with where it splits into two at the northern end
  27. Tucked into some bushes on a rock on the north eastern corner of the lake, next to two flaming green skulls and beneath the giant red skull
  28. On top of the waterfall that feeds into the semi-circular lake. You can climb up the least steep part of the waterfall or approach it from the other side
  29. Look for the car park with the 24-7 shop. Behind the shop on the ground level and down an alleyway.
  30. Up on the roof on Clowns Pocket, almost exactly over the game’s save icon – you’ll see the Starfish Casino sign to the north and the sloping blue roof is to the east
  31. Just next to the northerly of the two Venturas Steaks Driv Thru signs and up on the roof
  32. Not the easiest one to spot. Face north with the Zip clothes shop sign in front of you. There’s a walkway above the shop, but beneath the height of the roof
  33. Using your jetpack fly up to the Victim sign in the middle of the highway. It’s on the western side of the sign
  34. On the third level of the multi-storey car park. Next to the vertical parking sign on the north western corner, level with the ‘n’ of ‘parking’.
  35. On the ground against the corner of the cross-shaped airport building
  36. Right at the very tip of the pyramid above the Camel Toe casino
  37. There’s a raised wall that runs around the pyramid in 36. The horseshoe is up on the wall on the eastern side of the pyramid.
  38. Right in the middle of the wheel-shaped garden in front of the college
  39. On the southern side of the thin rectangular building which has a wall around  it. It’s between the wall and the building on ground level
  40. Down a slight ramp on the south eastern corner of the freight depot
  41. On top of the eastern side of the chapel’s roof
  42. Under the bridge on a slightly raised level just the northern side of the final pillar before the bridge heads over the water to the south
  43. Up on the first raised level on the casino on the southern side. Around the corner on the same level to the west is a free AK-47.
  44. To the south west of the Come-A-Lot building that’s shaped like a trophy is a tower with two turrets on top and a ‘Knightly at Come-A-Lot’ sign. On the top between the two turrets is the horseshoe.
  45. To the north of the set of turrets is an octagonal shaped platform with no turret on it. The horseshoe is right in the middle of it
  46. On the northern side of a set of low-rise houses in between the houses and a wall. You’ll find it next to a bin just outside the most easterly of this set of houses
  47. Look for the third house in the two groups of five houses just to the south of 46. It’s in between the two rows of houses and again next to a wall
  48. On the northern side of the chapel roof
  49. On a skip to the south of the building
  50. There’s a group of six buildings. Go onto the flat roof of the middle of the easterly ones. In front of you when you look north are three balconies with a staircase up onto the top level of the roof to the left. The horseshoe is in one of the balconies.