While there are many helicopters you can fly in GTA Vice City outside of the first island, there is only one plane – the Skimmer sea plane. It is only available during and after the Dido mission from the movie studios asset. Once you’ve completed this mission it will re-spawn.

There are of course many other planes in the game – from the immovable planes at the airport, to the little Dido banner plane that circles the map. Outside of the flyable Skimmer, you can only interact with two types of plane and in limited ways.

The first is the jumbo that lands at the airport and circles the map, but you can’t destroy it and will pass straight through it if you try to stop it. The Dido banner plane is a little more interactive – if you take the army helicopter or are a great shot with the rocket launcher than you can blast it out of the sky.

Watch the video above to show where and when you can find the Skimmer plane.