Yes, you read that correctly, Rockstar are allowing people to download the epic GTA 5 on PC for free for a week only. The offer ends at 4pm on the 21st May and can be found on the Epic Games store here:

As you might expect, this has led to a flood of traffic causing problems with the download site, so it’s best to be patient and try and less busy times.

Epic Games usually makes a game available for free this week and this time it’s one of the biggest and best of all time. But why?

GTA 5 is the highest grossing game of all time, but the download cost is not the only revenue generator. There is also the ability to buy in-game purchases in GTA 5 Online.

The expectation is that the surge in new players attracted by the free download will provide sufficient in-game purchases to offset some of the initial lost download cost and raise overall revenue as well as opening up the world of GTA 5 to an even larger audience.