has been one of the games of 2017 and has been a constant presence in Follow That App Towers. The key to big scores is getting your strategy right, some luck and having full control over your snake. A great way to master the latter is playing in AI mode against the computer.

In the video above we talk you through the strategies to get big scores – 50k+ in this case. And of course we don’t follow our own advice and wipe out when well placed for a massive score.

In truth, AI is a little too easy once you’ve mastered the basics as the AI snakes behave in a predictable way except for the odd snake that boosts unexpectedly. For veterans of the peer-to-peer version it’s satisfying being able to trap multiple snakes with minimal effort as they coil nearby waiting to join the mega trap!

Top tips for AI:

1. Use the first few seconds to ram the nearest snake as for reasons unknown they don’t change direction right at the start and are easy pickings

2. Get over 500 mass and then start trapping the smaller snakes and then build from there

3. Let the snakes come to you. They seem magnetically drawn to large traps meaning you can just extend your trap as the new snakes come on board

4. Watch out for boosting snakes

5. In AI mode the trap is king – bar the start don’t bother trying to take out snakes by turning into their head

6. Concentration! Boredom is by far the biggest enemy when racking up big scores…

How to get 50k plus on AI