Level 45 is where many people get stuck before the big showdown on level 50. In our video we show you a reliable way to negotiate it.

The top tip is to keep Ash out of trouble whenever he goes into the red avoiding the temptation to collect iron and coins for a few seconds until your health is out of the red.

You can complete this level with a number of different combinations of troops, but we went for the following:

  • Peasants for cannon fodder
  • Sword boy to arm those peasants and provide some comedy as he invariably gets himself into trouble!
  • Archers to provide some power from a safe distance
  • Arthur to do the bulk of the work
  • Wiseman to keep Arthur and the peasants going for longer
  • Deathcoaster and catapult volley. Even better if you have a maxed out Deathcoaster as this gives you a serious advantage
  • The pit. Really handy to thin out the numbers early on
  • As much castle weaponry as you can afford, especially a maxed out Smithy

As you’ll see, our strategy is to head down to the pit early to take out the first wave and to build up enough iron to max out and get Arthur and the Wiseman into the game. The peasants prove useful cannon fodder to earn you some time. Then just keep Ash out of trouble and let the peasants and Arthur do their thing.

Let us know in the comments if you have a different way of completing it and when you’re done make sure you check out our guides to Level 50 and Endless