If you can’t find your car in GTA 5 story mode, then there are a few ways to find it – watch the video above to find out how:

  • If it’s a lead character’s (Trevor, Michael, Franklin) own vehicle, then it will be returned to that character’s safehouse, e.g. Trevor’s pickup truck will be at his safehouse on the south of the Alamo Sea (the big lake in the north).
  • If it’s one you’ve bought or modified at the garage, then your best hope is the Impound Garage
  • If you’ve abandoned your vehicle to start a mission, been wasted or arrested or simply wandered off, then you can almost always find it at the Impound Garage. An icon will appear on the map for the Impound Garage when a car is available there. You have to pay $250 to get it back. The location of the Impound Garage is in the video above
  • Unlike GTA 5 Online, you can’t insure your vehicle in story mode, so if it’s been destroyed, then you’ve lost it. The only way to get it back is by restoring a save point which means you’ll lose your progress to that point