How to get a tank GTA Liberty City Stories
A tank – the perfect accompaniment to any garage

There are a number of ways to acquire a tank in GTA Liberty City Stories. Being at the right point in the game, being in the right place and sometimes just being a nutter. Some are much easier than others.

The first condition is reaching the third island – we’re not aware of a way to get hold of one unless you’ve reached the third island that doesn’t involve using a cheat, not that you can even use cheats if on mobile…

The easiest way – Shogun Showdown

When you attempt the Shogun Showdown mission, this involves stealing a tank and is the perfect time to acquire one. However, the mission also involves destroying it, so how do you get around this?

Now in principle, the easiest way is to drive your tank to 8-Ball, arm it with a bomb and then park it in your safehouse garage, walk outside and then detonate it. Because vehicles detonated inside the garage re-spawn, it should remain intact. However, we’ve tried this and it didn’t work…

A trickier, but reliable way during this mission is to have fun ramping up to six stars when you’re in the tank. Then wait for other tanks to appear. Lure them into your safehouse area and stop outside your garage. Jump out and start shooting at the two soldiers that jump out from the tank. Then jump into their tank and park it in your safehouse. Repeat stocking up your safehouses with tanks. Then destroy the original tank to complete the mission.

Whenever you want more tanks, just save the game, jump in your tank to rack up six stars and then lure another tank to a spot near your safehouse and repeat.

The harder way

It’s hard to get six stars by going on a rampage without getting killed. The key is ensuring you have decent cover, so you’re not bothered by helicopters overhead and police on all sides. For example, you can do so from the carpark near your safehouse on the second island.

Another good spot is in the walkway alongside the cathedral to the right of where you trigger the church missions. Walk up the steps and you’ll have a wall on your left and cover above your head. Lob grenades over the wall and the police don’t seem able to simply follow you up the steps. When you hit six stars jump onto the wall, fire at the tanks to take out the soldiers and jump in.

The hardest way

Complete 100% of the game and a tank will re-spawn in Fort Staunton (north east of Staunton island). Now that is hard.