Army of Darkness tips
How to make endless mode, well, endless

If you looking for tips on how to win Army of Darkness and beat the Deadite army, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have two alternative strategies here and here for completing the tricky level 50.

And when you’re onto Endless mode, then follow our guides here and here to making Endless mode, well, endless.

If you’re looking for general tips on how to advance the game to reach level 50 and beyond, then read our guide below:

    1. The most common way of losing the game is Ash getting killed. Focus on using your coins to power him up.
    2. Try to upgrade your Smithy as much as you can by waiting as long as you can to start launching troops.
    3. In the early rounds, using wave after wave of peasants armed by the swordboy to push back the Deadites.
    4. Arthur is an effective battering ram, combined with your waves of peasants, to defeat most of the levels.
    5. In terms of bang for buck, upgraded Horsemen take some beating. Not only do they do the most damage of any character, you can also summon more than one at a time, in contrast to Arthur and Henry.
    6. Likewise, as soon as you’ve unlocked the Deathcoaster, focus on upgrading this, as it is the best way of gathering up ‘cheap’ steel as you follow its wave of destruction.
    7. Try not to get too tempted chasing bars of steel, as it’s all too common for Ash to get killed on a fool’s errand

For your tips, let us know in the comments below.

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