Keep your Friends Close - GTA Vice City
Let’s settle this once and for all, Forelli…

In Keep Your Friends Close, it’s time for the final showdown with Sonny Forelli. He’s arrived at the mansion and is looking for his cut of the action, but you’re ready for him with a suitcase of counterfeit money.

The dim-witted Lance Vance, however, has double-crossed you and Sonny knows all about your plan, so that can only mean one thing – a shootout with the mafia!

Needless to say, you’ll need plenty of ammo and your health and body armour topped up at the start of the mission as you look to protect the safe and deal with Sonny and Lance into the bargain.

When the mafia men start coming, just wait at the door of your office and pick them off with the M4, no need to chase them down the steps as they will come to you and are unlikely to even reach you if you have the M4 on hand.

Once you’ve dealt with the first wave, Lance will appear and unless you get him quickly, it’s a chase up onto the roof and many more mafia men to deal with.

Here you need to play safe as you are seriously outnumbered. Head downstairs to top up your health and then up onto the roof dealing with the mafia men on the way.

When you arrive on the roof head left and there’s an adrenaline pill. Also by the helicopter is a health icon and a good spot to take some more of the men out with a couple of grenades. You’ll most likely need to take Lance out with a weapon, so head around the corner from the helipad and let loose on the double-crossing toad.

Then head back downstairs to top up your armour and health. You could go around the side and use a rocket launcher on the limos to reduce the number of mafia, but you should just be able to use your M4 for the final shootout with Sonny. Just point and shoot and you should be easily able to take the final three out with the M4 as long as your health is at a reasonable level.

Then it will switch to the final cut-scene with you in charge of Vice City and the main game storyline completed, plus $30,000 – nice work!