Loose Ends - GTA Vice CityLoose Ends is the final and most challenging of the pay phone assassination missions.

An exchange is taking place at the Cherry Popper Ice Cream factory which you may already own if you’ve completed the asset mission.

Your mission is to take out all involved in the exchange and take the briefcase back to the helipad at the airport. The exchange itself takes place on the roof, but first you have to work you way through the various guards to reach it, so you’ll need full health and armour before you start.

Once you’ve started the mission, there’s a quirk which means you can’t pick up wanted stars until you enter the Cherry Popper factory, so if you fancy an unopposed rampage, now’s your time.

By helicoper

There are several different approaches. Firstly you could just grab a helicopter from your safehouse in the north of the island or even better use the army helicopter if you’ve completed the ‘Keep your Friends Close’ mission. Land on the roof, take out whoever is left, usually four guards, and then fly back to the marker as indicated.

On foot

Enter the factory around the back through the gates and then edge in using your sniper rifle or even a less subtle M4 and rocket launcher to clear the path. As you enter the gates, there’s an M4 handy. The entrance is restricted by the half open gate so you can’t cheat and drive a tank in!

Take out the car in front with a rocket launcher and then proceed through taking out those on the metal stairs up above on the factory with a sniper rifle watching out for one or two guards who will come running out.

If your health or ammo run out you can always exit and go back in when you’re topped up. If you do exit, two guards will come running out making them easy to take out with a car.

Work your way through towards the steps to the west using a combination of M4 and sniper rifle to take out any guards in your way. Take out the oil barrels and the van to make the mission easier.

It’s a good idea to fire a quick round of M4 as you turn each corner to deal with any guards that may be lying in wait for you if you can’t spot them from a distance with your sniper rifle.

Use the ramps when you start to climb up the building to use as a vantage point for your sniper rifle.

When you reach the top you’ll see the briefcase. However, there are still four guards waiting for you. Fire the rocket launcher or toss a grenade towards the briefcase to clear them out.

Then jump into the helicopter and fly it to the marker as indicated or simply drive back if you don’t fancy flying there for a tasty $16,000 reward and if you haven’t found it already a hidden package.