Check Out at the Check In - GTA Vice CityCheck Out at the Check In sees you visit the Escobar International Airport for the latest hit in the pay phone assassination missions.

Head over there in a fast car or the Patriot as you’ll need one for the getaway later (although we found the car often disappeared after the cut scene) and as usual top up your body armour.

Once again you’ll be using a sniper rifle, but when you enter the airport, as with the golf club scanner, you’ll be stripped of all your weapons. Don’t worry as there is a sniper rifle inside to your right.

Walk into the pay phone indicator to hear your mission. You are told to watch the woman standing on the balcony make an exchange of a briefcase with two men and then to take out the man with the briefcase before heading back to Ammunation.

Use the indicator to ensure you don’t get too close – we just stayed on the ground floor as close as possible and lined up the man in the sights ready for the exchange. Don’t shoot the woman or the man before the exchange of the briefcase or you’ll fail the mission.

When you’ve taken him out, his guard will try and attack you and you’ll have two wanted stars. Take the guard out with the rifle and then pick up the briefcase and then run out through the scanner to retrieve your weapons and try to jump in your waiting car (although ours disappeared). Again make sure you don’t take out the woman or you’ll fail the mission.

A cop car will arrive – if you don’t have a car available, jack one of the taxis or take out the cops and use their fast and strong car for the drive back to Ammunation.

On the way back from the airport cars with heavily-armed gunmen will try and take you out. If you’re in a quick car you should be able to weave your way through and away from them. If not, you may have to jump out, get off the road and then jack another vehicle after getting away.

If you’ve completed the Sunshine Autos mission you can always stash a tank there as it’s just around the corner and enjoy a trouble-free ride to Ammunation.