Stunt Boat Challenge - GTA Vice CityStunt Boat Challenge is the first of the Cuban missions. Umberto offers you a challenge to prove your manhood, although we’re not entirely sure why Tommy accepts and doesn’t just whack him when he has a city to conquer…

The test in question is a checkpoint challenge on the water whereby you have to pilot a speed boat through a series of checkpoints in less than 3 minutes.

Make sure you use the radar to check where the next checkpoint is to you don’t waste valuable time heading in the wrong direction. As with Checkpoint Charlie it’s all about control of the boat. To turn, don’t just press left or right, you also need to be accelerating. For small adjustments give a tap on the accelerator as you turn, for larger ones keep it pressed.

There are a series of jumps and you’ll need to be careful that you’re properly lined up and not going too fast to make sure you hit all of them, better to approach at medium speed and nail it than having to go back and risk failing the mission – you should have enough time as long as you don’t miss any of the jumps.

Complete the mission and you’ll have earned $1,000 and the slightly disturbing admiration of the Cubans for your ‘cojones’.