V.I.P. - GTA Vice CityIn VIP, you turn cab driver in the first mission since you acquired Kaufman Cabs. Your job is to pick up a VIP fare from nearby the Vercetti mansion on Starfish Island.

The first part of the mission is a simple race against the clock to reach the purple indicator in under a minute, not forgetting to sound your horn when you get there.

Given what follows it’s best not to damage your cab too much getting there as you’ll need it in reasonable shape for part two.

When you arrive at the destination a rival firm steals your fare, so it’s down to you to hunt the other taxi down. If you enter the purple indicator pointing west then you can immediately hit the accelerator and drive-by button and be well on the way to taking out the other car.

You need to inflict enough damage through smashing into it or drive-by shots so that the passenger ejects and jumps into your taxi before the other cab reaches the Escobar International Airport.

Be careful not to run your fare down while he tries to jump into your cab.

The rival cab will then try to take you out in a race to the drop-off point. You can either race it there or drive-by the other cab to take out and then take the scenic route…