Messing with the Man - GTA Vice City
Consider the Man messed with…

In Messing with the Man, it’s another meeting with Big Mitch Baker as you keep up your efforts to convince him to provide security for the comedy rockers, Love Fist.

Despite your impatience, Big Mitch wants you to continue with the initiation challenges, this time by leaving a trail of destruction behind you to get even with ‘The Man,’ whoever that is… Before you start the mission, make sure your body armour and health are topped up as you will be under serious fire once you get properly underway.

To complete the mission you have to cause as much destruction as possible within the time limit. You’ll need to get your wanted level up as quickly as possible, so a top tip is to start the mission with a wanted level already and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Or you could decide not to play fair at all and use a tank – read out guide here on how to get one.

It’s also worth making sure you have ammo for the rocket launcher as you’ll be sure to have a helicopter on your back once you get over 3-4 wanted stars and of course taking it out will earn you some serious damage points.

A good spot for the carnage is on the grass on the right of the biker club as you exit. This will stop you getting run over and will give you enough space to use the M4 or Kruger as an assault weapon with most of the cops being too far away to damage you.

If you’re more cautious there are some steps further up the road to the north – right as you exit the biker club from which you can fire without the cops getting too close to you. The downside of the more cautious location is that less vehicles and cops will appear making it harder to do enough damage in the time allotted.

With the right body armour and ammo at your disposal you should be able to use your M4 fom the patch of grass and complete the mission with plenty of time to spare.