Alloy Wheels of Steel - GTA Vice City
Line up and race to the finish

In Alloy Wheels of Steel, you have your first encounter with the biker gang leader, Big Mitch Baker, as you try to persuade him to provide security for the Love Fist gig.

Big Mitch won’t help unless you’re a member of his gang which means a series of initiation tests, the first of which is this mission. It’s a race across the island through a number of checkpoints.

You’re up against three other members of the biker gang and you’ll need to arrive back at the finish first to complete the mission. You’ll also need an Angel or Freeway bike and can find an Angel bike outside the bar as shown in the picture.

As it’s Grand Theft Auto you’re playing, the temptation is to cheat a little. However, if you simply fire a rocket launcher at the other bikers to take them out you’ll fail the mission, so you’ll have to rely on your bike riding skills.

Given it’s a motorbike, the hardest part of the mission is staying on. Thankfully the other three bikers aren’t that great at it either and are likely to crash during the race meaning as long as you can stay upright and pointing in the right direction, you’ll have a good chance of winning the race.

As with all checkpoint challenges, it’s as much about knowing the course as a wrong turn will put you a long way back in the race. Hence, keep clicking on the map icon to see the next two checkpoints on the map to make sure you can corner in time and don’t take a wrong turn.

Win the race and it’s worth $1000. Second or third or even the humiliation of fourth is nowhere and you’ll have to restart the mission.