Search on page on iPhoneMobile browsers are limited in functionality, partly down to the challenges of screen size and partly device limitations compared to PCs.

As such, some of the standard browser functions, such as the ability to search a page for a keyword is not immediately obvious – CTRL+F on a PC or Command + F on a Mac.

So, how do you search or find a keyword in iPhone’s Safari?

It’s not the most obvious of places to find it, but all you need to do is to do a standard search top right for the keyword you’re looking to find.

Then scroll down on the list of results and you’ll see ‘On This Page’ listed at the bottom.

Tap on the keyword in question and this will then bring up all matches with a set of controls at the bottom to exit the new menu through ‘Done’ or to scroll through them using the left and right arrows at the bottom.

As you scroll through them they are conveniently highlighted in yellow as shown in the images on this page.

Find on page on iPhone Safari