Psycho Killer - GTA Vice CityIn Psycho Killer you’re back to being Love Fist’s enforcer/lackey/bob-a-job boy. A deranged fan wants the band dead and it’s your job to deal with him before he kills the band.

Jump into the limo parked outside and drive to the band’s signing to lure the psycho killer out. It’s only a short stroll down the road, but this being rock’n’roll the band couldn’t possibly walk, could they?

The psycho is dressed in less-than-convincing drag to try and force his way into the gig, but unsurprisingly is spotted and them makes a run for it in his car after taking out a security guard.

Chase after him in the limo or you could even park a car nearby before you start the mission if you fancy something faster, but the limo should be sufficient as in any case as he’s a terrible driver. Unlike some missions you’ll need to keep up with him as if he gets too far away you’ll have lost him and failed the mission.

Smash his car up or explode it with drive-by shots and you’ll complete the mission and have earned $4,000.