Love Juice - GTA Vice CityLove Juice introduces you to the chaotic band, Love Fist, in a rather pointless but entertaining set of side missions for Kent Paul, as you become the band’s fixer and enforcer.

The boys at Love Fist need you to find some ingredients to mix up some very special brew for them. You’re asked to find the ingredients from a dealer across town. As usual he doesn’t play ball.

Start the mission with a fast car, or a PCJ-600 bike if you have handy drive skills as this will also allow you to fire forwards as well as sideways.

Drive over to the pink marker, point your car towards the road and then sound your horn. The dealer then turns up and tries to rip you off by taking your money and then getting away on a fast PCJ-600. Big mistake, well unless you mess the mission up that is….

Take him out by knocking him off the bike or doing a drive-by or if you’re lucky he will have an accident and fall off by himself leaving you to finish him off on foot. If you knock him off be careful as he has a powerful shotgun which is well worth picking up along with his cash.

Then the boys are looking for some company before they go on stage, so you go and pick up Mercedes from the eastern island. Make sure you have a fast car and point towards the exit before entering the marker to save you time.

Then it’s a race against the clock to reach the gig with Mercedes before the boys go on stage. As long as you avoid any major pile ups or have the cops on your tail it’s easy enough to reach the marker in the time allowed. The quickest way is to turn right across the bridge through the golf course as the road is clear and then you can use the main highway on the western island to reach Love Fist on time. Do it and it’s $2,000 more in the bank.