Rub Out - GTA Vice City
The entrance is round the back of the building to the left

Rub Out is the final showdown with Diaz as you storm his mansion with Lance.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to top up on body armour, although Lance will provide you with a powerful weapon, a M4, for the assault.

Head towards Diaz’s mansion and you can use your sniper rifle to take out those guards at the front of the mansion, although it’s not essential. You’ll then need to head around the back of the building, taking out the guards as you go. There’s an entrance through the pool room at the back, although there will be a large number of guards waiting for you so keep you finger on the trigger.

Most of the guards can be dealt with at distance as you have a longer range weapon than them. The only real concern is keeping up with Lance as he heads off into the distance. Part of the mission is ensuring he stays alive so you may need to switch to Uzi to be able to sprint ahead of him. Make sure you switch back to the M4 as this makes the mission far easier.

Work your way up the stairs, although be careful of the guards who are waiting for you around nearly every corner. Once you reach the top floor Diaz himself will be waiting for you in a scene reminiscent of Scarface for the final climatic shootout.

Take out the guards and when you’ve shot at Diaz he will retreat into his office. Walk around the corner with your M4 and you can take him out in a single shot to trigger the final cut scene.

What’s more you’re now the proud owner of the Diaz mansion and can now start the various asset missions, once you’ve completed the next mission at the mansion, Shakedown.

Head down stairs and in the exit from the pool room you’ll find a very handy room stocked with health, body armour and M4 and shotgun ammo. All in all, not a bad haul along with a cool $50,000.