Hog Tied - GTA Vice City
You can escape by jumping using the stairs in front of you

In Hog Tied, you find Big Mitch Baker is hard ‘at work’ on the pinball machine. A local gang has stolen his bike and rather than go and retrieve it himself, he gallantly decides that you should steal it back for him as part of your initiation in the gang.

If you haven’t discovered it already, this gives you the chance to perform one of the unique jumps in the game on the
staircase opposite Ammunation. As you’re near Ammunation, pop in to top up your body armour as you may be needing it for this mission.

Get yourself a fast bike, a PCJ-600 is best, and ride over to the jump. Get up serious speed as you approach from the south, keep on the right hand pavement (OK, sidewalk, for those the other side of the pond) as you approach it and jump up onto the roof.

If you damage your health use the health icon to top it up.

Walk down the stairs taking out numerous bad guys with your M4 or failing that a Kruger, shotgun or machine gun. You could try picking some off with a sniper rifle, but they seem to regenerate and you’re better off just heading down the stairs and taking them out on your way.

When you reach the bottom, jump on Big Mitch’s bike and it’s time to escape. You’ll notice there’s not an obvious way out.

However, there are some more steps which you can jump up and over to get out which you can see in the picture.

It’s then a race back to the biker bar with the gang on your tail in vans trying to knock you off. After you do the jump turn right and follow the road back to the biker bar keeping moving and trying to avoid crashing or you’ll be left exposed on the bike.

You could instead go on the offensive and take out the gang with your stash of weapons, but your health may be low at this point.

Give the vans that drive towards you a wide berth and you should be able to get back relatively untroubled and earn yourself $4,000 into the bargain.

What’s more Big Mitch will now agree to provide security for the gig and you can unlock the next mission with the world’s silliest rock band, Love Fist.