Where is the rocket launcher GTA Vice City
The rocket launcher is in the pool in front of you

Looking for how to find the rocket launcher? It’s surprisingly easy, certainly compared to other Grand Theft Auto games.

To obtain it you need to have reached the third and most westerly island, either by completing sufficient missions to unlock the island or by managing to jump aboard a passing boat on the second island.

Once you’ve reached the third island, then you’ll find the rocket launcher in the middle of a swimming pool at the wonderfully named Hooker Inn Express in the south of the island. The location of the rocket launcher is shown on the map below.

Just jump in the water and you’ll now have the rocket launcher with four shots. Better still each time you save your mission or start a new one you can just head over and get four more shots.

With the rocket launcher in hand, not only are missions considerably easier, but you’re also suitably tooled up to unleash some serious mayhem and deal with the police helicopters that spoil all the fun if you’re not under cover.

Location of the rocket launcher GTA Vice City
The rocket launcher is there to the south of you as you head towards the hotel