In the Vietnam-inspired Phnom Penh ‘86 it’s time for some proper action with a helicopter-powered assault on the building you found in Prawn Island in The Chase, the previous mission for Diaz.

You head back there in a helicopter with Lance and have to take out the numerous bad guys waiting for you using the helicopter guns with some sharp and clever shooting.

It’s a good idea to top up your body armour and health before you start, as you’ll need to finish the job inside the building.

You’ll do sweeps of the building and need to take out those shooting at you relatively quickly to avoid the helicopter getting damaged. A top tip to take out those on the roof is to aim at the oil barrels which will take out most of them in one go, although it’s not essential.

When you’re back shooting at ground level take out the vehicles to cause explosions and then pick off the remaining bad guys. Again look out for oil barrels if you want to save time and keep a close eye on the helicopter health.

Thankfully you have unlimited ammo so can keep firing in sweeps left to right.

Next up the helicopter will land and you’re back on foot. If your health is low there’s a health icon behind you and likewise you can always step out of the building to restore it if you’re running low during the assault. When you enter the building, stand at the doorway and fire and you should be able to take out multiple people without sustaining any damage.

Climb up the stairs to the top to clear out the final bad guys and then pick up the suitcase and you’ll also have two wanted stars. However, Lance will arrive to pick you up in the helicopter and you’ll have earned $2,000. Even better you’ll have unlocked the third island and can get hold of a free rocket launcher if you know where to find it