The Chase - GTA Vice City
Where to park your car to make the mission easier

The Chase is the first mission from the man in need of anger management classes, Ricardo Diaz, who is not in the best of moods. Diaz is convinced he’s being ripped off and tells you to follow the thief and find out where he’s stashing the money.

When you arrive at the purple marker, you need to go up the steps and look in the window as indicated. You’ll then chase the thief across the rooftops, but don’t use your weapons just yet as if you kill him you’ll have failed the mission.

At the end of the rooftops is a cut scene and you’ll need to get back to ground level and find a vehicle with which to follow him – there’s a scooter at the bottom, but you can make things easier by parking a decent car in the same spot as the scooter as shown by ‘you are here’ area on the map in the main image.

Don’t follow too close as his passenger will be shooting at you. All you need to do is to follow him at a safe distance until he reaches his final destination on Prawn Island and you’ll have earned $1000. Don’t worry you’ll be back to finish off this area of the game later in one of the more entertaining missions, Phnom Penh ’86.