Waste the Wife - GTA Vice City
Where to start Waste the Wife

Waste the Wife is the second next in the series of pay phone assassination missions. You’re tasked with taking out poor Mrs Wilson and making it look like a car accident. As such you can’t use any drive-by weapons – if you do you’ll fail the mission.

To complete the mission, you’ll need a reasonably fast car and even better a robust one. Although the woman drives a sports car she doesn’t drive very fast even if she does drive erratically, so a police car is a good combination of speed and strength for the job.

To finish the job, it’s a case of lining her car up with well timed smashes until the health meter shows at zero and her car explodes. When it does burst into flames make sure you stay clear of the blast. If you car looks like it’s going to burst into flames first then jump into another and continue the chase – you’ll quickly catch up.

For completing this fun and relatively easy mission you’ll have earned a nice $2,000.