The Fastest Boat - GTA Vice City
You’ll need to step into this purple marker inside the boat shed

In The Fastest Boat it’s time to head onto the water and enjoy your new found freedom to explore the entire game’s islands. Diaz is in typically surly mood taking out his frustrations on the pigeons this time. In between his rants, he tells you to head down to the dockyard and steal the fastest boat in the area.

Head over there to the docks and if you want to make things easier walk on the area to the south of the indicator and take out some of the guards using a Kruger or sniper rifle, however it’s better to do this at closer range so you can pick up their Kruger ammo. Alternatively just use a vehicle and run them over. If you run short of health, there’s a health icon by the steps leading up to the container ship to your north and a body armour icon opposite the boat steps on the other side of the road.

Once you’ve dealt with all the guards outside, head into the boat shed behind the boat and start firing to take out the remaining guards. Inside there’s a pink marker which you need to enter to lower the boat into the water.

When you do so more guards will appear, so have your Kruger ready to fire and take them all out. Then walk over to the boat and hop in. You’ll now have three stars and the coastguard and a helicopter on your tail. However, you’re in the fastest boat after all, so just get up to speed and head over to the purple indicator on the map and you shouldn’t have any real trouble reaching it unless you accidentally crash into the coastguard boats.

Once you’re there it’s $4,000 and mission complete.