Supply & Demand - GTA Vice City
Use the open water and you’ll be way ahead of the other boats

In Supply & Demand, it’s back to the Diaz mansion and this time he’s taking out his frustrations on electrical equipment. Once he’s calmed down a little, he hands you your next mission.

Remember that boat you stole back in The Fastest Boat? It’s time to put it to use and take to the water once again in a race to pick up the stash of drugs before the other boats get there.

Now you could play fair and follow the other boats through the series of creeks and demonstrate your excellent piloting skills. Or not and use your cunning – this is Grand Theft Auto after all.

Instead head to the west of the island and take what amounts to a short cut as you can go full speed. You can make things even shorter by doing a jump over the small piece of land that joins the heart shaped island to the crescent-shaped island. If you take this route you’ll make it there first with no problems.

Once you’ve arrived and secured the stash for yourself, the other boats will chase you back to Diaz’s mansion and try and shoot you out of the water. You man the guns and need to take out the boats and the helicopter that chase you before the boat gets too damaged..

Fire a consistent line at both, taking out the boat’s gunmen first and then the boat itself and you’ll soon have them all in flames and you’ll have earned a hefty $10,000 and completed Diaz’s missions, although you haven’t seen the last of him.

He may be a grade-A nutter, but he does provide some entertaining missions.