All Hands on Desk - GTA Vice City
Line them up and sink them…

All Hands on Desk is the final mission for Colonel Cortez and is a great final set piece.

Before you start the next mission it helps if you stock up on ammo for the rocket launcher and M4 in particular. Read our guide here on where to find a rocket launcher. The M4 is in Diaz’s mansion which you acquire in Rub Out.

The French are once again on his tail trying to retrieve the technology Cortez now possesses, thanks to you.

As the French arrive at the port, Cortez’ boat sets sail with multiple boats on its tail. It’s simple to deal with the first wave – walk to the back of the boat with your M4 – there’s a Kruger in the middle of the boat and a health icon if you need them – and the auto-aim will do the rest.

Then move to the front and deal with the speedboats.

Now you’ll face a trickier foe for which it’s very handy to have the rocket launcher as two helicopters attack you. The second is an army helicopter which will need at least two direct hits from the rocket launcher to take it out.

Be quick as the French will storm the boat if you’re too slow and you can be left exposed as you point a rocket launcher at the sky trying to take out the helicopters while you get shot at.

Now all you need to do is clear the boats blocking your path. Use your M4 or the rocket launcher to sink them and you’re through and you’ll have completed the Cortez missions. He leaves you with a speedboat as a thank you present along with $5,000.