Autocide - GTA Vice City
There’s your first target, up on the advertising hoarding

In Autocide, the pay phone assassination missions become a little more challenging. A European gang is planning to hit a bank in Vice City and you’re tasked with taking them out before they can do so.

You’re against the clock and have nine minutes to complete the mission which quickly passes if you’re not efficient in your shooting, so make sure you move quickly to give yourself plenty of time to line the targets up.

Run over to the blue marker to pick up some machine gun ammo and the all-important sniper rifle. There’s also a PCJ-600 motorbike on the roadside to speed you to your destination.

The first of your targets, Mike Griffin, is above you working on the advertising hoarding. Park to the west of him and point the sights up and you’ll see him. He stays still so it’s easy to take him out with a single shot.

The next target is Dick Tanner (seriously?) who is working as a security guard. Drive up to the area indicated on the map. Even if you shoot the van with a rocket launcher he still drives off, so it’s better to get him in your sniper sights from a distance unspotted and take him out or get in position to get two direct hits with the rocket launcher to finish the job.

Otherwise it’s a chase across town and you’ll need to use drive-by shots to take out the security van. Thankfully his driving his appalling and he often gets stuck making it easy to line him up for a drive-by.

Your next targets are Franco Carter and Marcus Hammond who are near the jewelry shop. Don’t get too close or they will make a run for it. Using your sniper rifle first take out the driver, then the passenger. If they spot you, you’ll need to do another chase across town and use your drive-by skills to take out their vehicle.

If you start racking up stars, then try and jump into the nearest Pay’N’Spray as you don’t want cops on your back when trying to line up sniper shots.

Next up is Nick Kong who is on a boat just off the shore. You can take him out easily with either the sniper rifle or do it in style with the rocker launcher!

The final target is Charlie Dilson who is on the fast PCJ-600 bike. Watch from a safe distance and line up his bike carefully. Get a direct hit to knock him off and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble. If not it’s a chase against the clock to knock him off or do a drive-by. With a direct hit, you just then need to take him out on foot with any gun and it’s mission over.