Death Row - GTA Vice City
You’ve made it to the hospital…

In Death Row, you start a new set of missions by going to the Malibu Club to meet with Kent Paul, the comedy cockney geezer.

Kent informs you that Lance has been captured and you head off to rescue him. This is one mission where it pays to be prepared, so make sure you’ve stocked up on ammo and body armour as you’ll need to show some serious combat skills to complete it.

Before you start the mission park a fast car outside the Malibu Club ready to jump into. Head north and across the northernmost bridge to reach the area where Lance is being held.

There is a roadblock at the entrance, so it’s best to park a fair distance back and take out the roadblock with a rocket launcher which is available here.

You can either pick your way through the guards using the cover available or drive straight in to pick up Lance and leave them for later, although it’s best to run over the two guards at the entrance.

If you do take the guards out you’ll pick up lots of cash and ammo, so it’s worth doing even if it’s riskier for you and Lance.

Walk up to Lance to start the cut scene. Once you’ve picked up Lance, the chances are you vehicle will have taken a lot of damage, so jump in the car tucked behind on the left hand side and drive off.

Use a Kruger to deal with any guards that get in your way and you should be able to escape without getting wasted.

By now, not only will you have picked up a couple of wanted stars, but also Diaz’ men will be after you. However, you should be able to escape both by just driving fast and avoiding the worst of the collisions as you take Lance to the hospital in the north of the island.

Head for the main north-south highway on the east of the island to maintain your speed and you should be clear of any trouble. You can drive into the hospital purple marker at full speed to unlock the mission completion scene.

You’re now ready for one of the best missions in the game – the shootout at Diaz’s mansion in Rub Out.