Dirty Lickins GTA Vice City
Head down the alleyway and the steps are on your left

Dirty Lickins is the final Haitian mission for Auntie and is a test of your aim and ability to move fast.

To complete it you’ll need to know where to find the rocket launcher.

Once you have it, head over to Auntie’s house to start the mission.

Head over to the area indicated on the map. However, don’t go in firing or you’ll be spotted and fail this sniper mission.

Instead there’s an alleyway to your left as indicated in the main picture. At the end are some stairs on the left, climb them as quickly as you can. In front of you is an adrenalin pill which you’ll need to complete the mission.

With your sniper rifle, start taking out the Cubans as fast and accurately as you can. However, the sniper rifle on its own is not enough. When the van full of reinforcements arrive quickly switch to the rocket launch and take out the van. To your left further reinforcements arrive and again a single shot with the rocket launcher will take them all out in one go being careful not to hit the roof you’re standing on by shooting too low.

If there are any Cubans left switch back to the sniper rifle and take them out. It may take a few attempts to get your aim and timing right with the two weapons, but with a little practice you’ll have this mission cracked.