Gun Runner - GTA Vice CityGun Runner sees you meetup with Phil Cassidy once again as you look to secure some serious hardware. The hardware in question is being transported across the city in four trucks.

Top up your armour as you’ll need it in all likelihood. Jump into his Patriot and then ram the trucks to release the weapons from the back of the vehicles.

You’ll need to smash into the vehicles at reasonable speed or drive-by to release the crates. When you do, be careful getting out, as the driver will keep ramming into you. You can make the pick up less risky by doing a drive-by on the truck. Another approach is to check the radar for their direction and then wait for them at the roadside with a rocket launcher.

If your Patriot is picking up too much damage head to the Pay’N’Spray to repair it. There’s no rush as they won’t disappear from your radar and will just go around in a circle.

After you’ve picked up two crates, the Mexicans will call for backup in the form of armed men on scooters. Take them out with the Patriot or a drive-by and get a $100 for each one. They do pack some serious hardware, so you’ll need to pick them off carefully. One approach is to head to the pavement and take them out with a M4. Another approach is to take out the trucks first and then return to the yellow squares when the area is clear.

A far more effective one is to jump into a tank – find out how to get one here – and they you can sail through the mission as long as you make sure you keep moving when they are right next to you to avoid the tank getting jacked.

Pick up all four weapons – annoyingly you lose your existing ammo which you may have spent a fortune on – and you’ll have earned $2,000.