In Under Surveillance, Asuka instructs you to take out the FBI agents who are watching the Yazuka gang’s interests around the island. She also introduces you to her brother, Kenji, unlocking a new set of missions.

Under Surveillance is all about the right weaponry, so make sure you head to Ammunation to stock up on grenades, armour and the sniper rifle. You have six and a half minutes to take out the three set of FBI officers, so it’s worth turning up in a fast car, a Yazuka Stinger is ideal and on theme…

Agents in the park

For the first of the three sets of agents drive straight to the park, keep your distance and pull out the sniper rifle and take out the two agents, making sure you are as efficient as possible as they will start shooting at you when you fire the first shot.

Agents in the road

This is the easiest part of this mission. Just drive up behind their van and toss in a grenade from close range and retreat.

Agents in the building

To complete this part of the mission you’ll need to head up the stairs to the left of the casino driveway. Head up the three flights of stairs and you’ll emerge onto a roof with a helicopter. Move back until you can spot all the agents. Then start taking out the agents from the top down as quickly as you can as they will start firing back.

As long as you are quick and have your armour on you’ll be able to take them out before they waste you.

Job done and the end to a fun mission.

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