Big’N’Veiny is another typically ‘classy’ mission from the ever-charming El Burro. A thief has taken his Donkey Does Dallas collection of magazines, but has left the door open and you’ll need to collect the magazines that fall out against the clock.

This challenge is all about driving skill and for once you don’t have your choice of car. Instead you’re stuck in a poor handling van that is all too easy to tip over and to get off course. This mission takes some practice and a little luck to keep you on course.

The mission starts when you get into the van to the east, so get your finger ready over the accelerator and keep your eye on the magazines in front of you as well as half an eye on the traffic around you. You’ll also need to get to know the route as a wrong turn will effectively lose you the mission with time lost.

While you don’t have to pick up every magazine, you’ll get extra time for each one you collect and can be left very frustrated by the wobbly van. Likewise the magazines are in the middle of the road, so you’ll run into a number of other vehicles, so it’s all about judging speed, when to go round a car but lose a magazine and how to keep the van upright. It takes a lot of practice to master.

When you reach the end of the trail of magazines in the docks, it’s simply a case of running the thief down and then delivering the van back to El Burro. Just keep an eye on the damage to your van as there’s nothing more frustrating than it blowing up or flipping once you’ve finally picked up all the magazines against the clock.

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