Kanbu Bust-Out is the first mission given to you by Asuka’s brother Kenji. To earn his trust, he asks you to break into the police station and rescue a Yakuza awaiting trial, presumably for a crime he didn’t commit…

First up, you’ll need a police car. This is simple enough. Either just block one on the streets – you’ll have no trouble finding one in what is virtually a police state – or more straightforward got to the police station and take one (see where on our map).

If you do take one from the streets just make sure you hit the accelerator straight away or the policeman will bust you and it’s mission failed.

Once you’ve secured a police car head to 8-Ball’s, who has conveniently joined you in Staunton, to wire it up with a bomb. You’ll find it up the ramp inside the courtyard. Then it’s back to the police station making sure you don’t flip the car and end the mission.

Drive up to the metal gates which will now open as you’re in a police car. Drive around to the back of the building, park the car in the blue shadow and stand well back. When it blows, you’ll need to head back to the police building to guide out the Yakuza and will now have 3 wanted stars.

Jump in the police van which should shield you from most police car attacks and drive back round to the other side of building where you’ll find a ‘bribe’ to lose a star. Then simply head to the Pay’N’Spray to lose your stars, stopping in the courtyard to change your vehicle as it won’t respray the police van.

When you’ve made it back to zero wanted level drive back to the Dojo and it’s a cool $30k in the bank.

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