Liberator GTA3
A Cartel Cruiser. You’ll need one of these…

Liberator is the first of a set of entertaining and well paid challenges from Donald Love. In this mission, he asks you to rescue an old man being held hostage by the Columbians in their hideout near the hospital.

You’ll need to find a Cartel Cruiser for this mission. There are two in the construction site in the north east of the island – if one is locked there’s another on the other side of the site.

Next drive up to the gates, but before you go in park outside and climb onto the roof of your Cruiser. Use the sniper rifle to take out as many Cartel members as you can see from that vantage point.

Then drive inside and run over any remaining Cartel members. Now for the tricky bit.

The old man is inside one of the garages, but you don’t know which one. When you walk up to a garage it will open and you’ll either find two tooled-up Columbians or one and the old man.

However, as ever, you can stack the odds in your favour. Use the rocket launcher and shoot at a garage from an angle. If you shoot straight on you’ll kill both the old man and the Cartel member. By shooting at an angle you’ll just take out the Cartel member who is standing further forward.

It may take a few trials and errors, but you’ll soon find the old man – just make sure you don’t end up shooting him or it’s mission failed and a long way back.

Take the Cartel Cruiser parked next to the garage and drive him back to Donald Love’s place and it’s a whopping $40,000 in the kitty.

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