Gangcar round-up is another mission that is exactly what it says on the tin. King Courtney tasks you with finding three cars from rival gangs – a Yazuka Stinger, a Mafia Sentinel and a Diablo Stallion. You’ll then need to deliver them to a garage in Newport and in mint condition.

If you damage the car en route, take it to the Pay’N’Spray to repair it. You’ll find the Yazuka Stinger on Staunton Island either at Kenji or Azuka’s place.

For the Diablo Stallion and the Mafia Sentinel, you’ll need to head back to Portland Island. To find those two cars, just check for the gang flags, with the Mafia Sentinel found at the Leone Family’s territory, with two available at Salvatore’s mansion.

There’s no time limit on this mission, so you should be able to deliver them back to the garage without a dent. However, particularly in Mafia territory, gang members will take shots at you with a surprisingly high risk of blowing the car up, so keep moving as fast as you can and get out of gang territory.

If you pick up the Sentinel from Salvatore’s house then turn right to get away. Start with the Sentinel first as it’s the most likely to get blown up.

The entrance to the garage is tight, so take it easy until you’re through.

Needless to say it’s worth getting hold of a fast car for the journey over to Portland. If you want to save a little time, then park the two Portland cars in your garage before you begin the mission.

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