Evidence Dash GTA3
A good spot to torch the car

In Evidence Dash, Ray Machowski ask you to intercept some compromising photos about to be used in evidence against a very important man.

To intercept them you’ll need to smash into the DA’s car six separate times to bump out the photos.

The DA’s car is marked with a square on the radar, so there’s no rush to get to him until you’ve found a suitable car. His car does move quickly, so it depends on your approach.

You can either use a fast car like a Banshee and keep on the move as your wanted stars mount to two or you can go with the safer option and use an army truck. In the army truck the cops will bounce off you although it will take longer to catch the DA’s car. It’s more fun driving a faster car and you can always get out and change your car if you damage it – the DA won’t escape.

Be careful not to knock him into the sea or you’ll fail the mission as the photos will wash up on shore. This is surprisingly easy to do as the DA goes in a circular route next to the sea for much of it.

You’ll also need to make a reasonable impact to release the evidence, so get speed up and time your crashes.

When you’ve collected all six packages, you’ll need to torch the car. It’s easiest to just take it to an off-road area in a park or up some steps and then lob a grenade at it, so you’re less likely to be bothered by the cops, as it’s pretty frustrating if you get taken out at this final stage in the mission.

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